Catherine Quinn writes bestselling historical thrillers as CS Quinn and historical romance as Joanna Taylor.

The Thief Taker

Death Magic

Death Magic

The Thief Taker Series
CS Quinn

C.S. Quinn’s popular series follows London’s best thief taker through 17th century backstreets.
Charlie Tuesday makes his living tracking villains and cut-purses. But in these dangerous times of Charles II’s debauched court, all is not what it seems. The thief taker was orphaned with a mysterious gift. He holds the key to a chest of secrets he’s never found – secrets that London’s ruling elite will stop at nothing to protect.

But something has awoken in England. Ancient blood-spells will rise again. And as plague and fire ravage London, what was locked must be freed.

Fans of Dan Brown, C. J. Sansom and Simon Toyne will all find plenty to enjoy in C. S. Quinn’s bestselling writing, which blends breath-taking historical detail with twisting plotlines, colourful characters and fast pace.


Joanna Taylor

Can a street girl become a lady?

Lizzy Ward never meant to end up working the streets of Piccadilly. So when a handsome lord buys her for the night, it seems her fortunes are changing.

But Lord Hays doesn’t just want Lizzy for her charms. He needs a girl to fool the aristocracy. So can Lizzy really  masquerade as a lady? Or will this be her most devastating liaison yet?